Vinyl Fences Become the Talk of The Neighborhood.

Vinyl Fence is increasingly popular simply because it’s extremely durable and has zero maintenance. Offered in a variety of colors and attractive styles, it never needs to be painted or stained. Any debris can easily be washed off with a garden hose. Vinyl will never warp, rot, peel or yellow – adding a lifetime of value to your home and your investment.

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  • Featured Fence is Wood

    Wood provides a natural look that lasts a long time. A variety of designs are possible and it’s completely customizable. A wood fence is naturally resistant to insects and decay. Learn more about our wood fences.

Custom Fences in CT

Whether you want Wood Fence, Vinyl Fence, Aluminum Fence, or Chain Link Fence, we can custom build and install a fence anywhere you want. There is no job that’s too hard, too big, or too small. Choose the type of fence you're interested in from above and you will find custom work we've done over the past 25 years.

Featured Fence is Wood

A wood fence has a natural beauty which is a major motive in most people’s decision to go with it. A finely crafted wood fence takes a unique quality which beautifully accents its surroundings. It also has a natural resistance to decay and insects which makes it a long lasting fence. Discover more about our wood fences here

Over 25 Years of Experience

You can rest assured you’re matched with a fitting fence for you and your home. Take a look around and see all the custom work we’ve done over the years. If you’d like to request a free quote then please call (860) 379-9041 today. (calling is the best way to reach us)